The Art of Chill

The impetus for me joining Remote Year was to see SE Asia, but now that I am finally here all I want to do is sit down and relax.  I have 7 more months of travel ahead of me, the next 6 weeks include constant travel with no real home base, and 4 of those weeks will be without my Remote Year family (going rogue with two other fierce female travelers).  All of those components combined make it hard for me to wrap my head around actually being in and enjoying SE Asia, specifically Thailand where I am right now.

With each day that passes I find myself making less and fewer plans for future side trips and travel.  I find myself lingering by the pool for hours, enjoying the heat, delicious fruit smoothies, and the company of friends.  I may have gone a bit overboard on side trips the last few months and now Thailand is here to tell me to calm the fuck down, chill the fuck out, and enjoy today.  Tomorrow will still come no matter if I have plans to go to Sri Lanka or not, it will still be Saturday tomorrow even if I don’t have to pack and re-pack my backpack tonight for a flight to Bangkok.  I will still get to see and experience the most amazing things, even while sitting still, because even then, I have jumped up and climbed to the highest temples, watched the sunrise, gotten lost in a music festival, and walked home through old town Chiang Mai at midnight (don’t worry, I walked with purpose and talked to myself to add a dash of crazy to my appearance) – all while not (well just barely not) planning any of it.

I am going to start a new adventure into what I am calling Non-Planning, it causes me slight low-level anxiety, which sometimes can be fun!  The lower levels of anxiety are easier to hop over so I achieve a sense of pride when I successfully ignore them and move on.  It’s a bit of a chicken and egg…wait, cat and mouse?  Anyway, it is a game I am playing with myself and it’s not always fun, but I am learning.