I’m going on a journey and I am going to bring…

I planned a trip to Morocco back in October, the entire thing sounded so very far away – December, living in Lisbon, Morocco itself, and now, here it is.  We leave tomorrow for 6 days in one of the places I have always wanted to go but could never visualize myself actually making it there.  We will start in Marrakech, travel through the High Atlas Mountains, along the edge of the Sahara, into the Draa Valley, camp at Erg Chigaga, and visit Ouarzazate.  What?  Exactly.  Me too.

I have been looking forward to this trip since I discovered Morocco in films and books I read as a teenager.  I imagined colorful medinas, luxurious riads, and rolling sand dunes.  I did not however, make any mental notes of what to pack, more specifically, what to pack when you have less than a quarter of your actual wardrobe handy.  This is where the anxiety starts to tip toe over my joy surrounding this trip.  I could bring nothing and just buy ALL the kaftans and scarves once there, or I could figure out how to pack ALL of my current belongings into my one backpack and never wish for a single item.  Both options sound better than trying to figure out what is in the middle.

I usually enjoy packing due to my love of making lists, organizing, and outfit precision (that is for sure a thing, don’t question it), but I am totally lost in this situation.  Having only one small bag compacts this fear as well.  I am fairly certain I will need 4 different pairs of shoes, jeans, leggings and tights, three to seventeen t-shirts, my warm jacket, my jean jacket, my scarf, a bathing suit, 2 sets of pajamas, warm socks, light socks, all the other under things…but this list is getting a touch aggressive.

Maybe I bring one of each item and only change my under things.  Please don’t judge me if I am wearing the same thing in every photo from this trip.  Or I guess you can, but just remember, I actually went to Morocco.